?Give children the hope and energy to their future?
Charity Concert for Children in Asia


  • To give children the opportunity of international cultural exchange through arts
  • To support talented young children and to provide them with the platform to present themselves
  • To provide underprivileged children with opportunities to participate in artistic activities and to let them find their artistic potentialities and dreams

※Proceeds from the concert will be used to hold creative activity workshops for underprivileged children and to implement Asian cultural exchange for them.

ChildAid Asia is a joint concert performed by Japanese and Singaporean children. Tying up with Singaporean ChildAid started in 2005, NPO Little Creators planed the event in order to provide talented young children with the platform to showcase their talents and creativity and to provide socially and economically disadvantaged children who have less chance to get involved in creative activities with opportunities to participate in the art presentation. In January 8, 2011, it was finally realized in Tokyo.

About 120 children presented their talent with full of energy in front of audience: 26 Singaporean children flew to Japan to support this concert, 4 groups of Japanese auditioned young talents, 20 children from Shakujii Gakuen that is one of the major child nursing homes in Tokyo, and also children who were inspired by the mission of the concert such as Suginami Junior Chorus, Kodo (Japanese Drum group) and Modern Ballet Alice. The concert was very well received by audience:" The quality of this concert was much higher than I expected," and "Wonderful performances and voices of children made me energetic." The children obtained the opportunity to express themselves in front of people, to meet and communicate with children from different backgrounds, and to collaborate to create one show. One of the performers, Asami Wada (12 years old violinist) was then invited to Singapore's ChildAid in December 2011 representing Japanese children. In December 7 and 8, 2012, ChildAid will be held at Marina Bay Sands in Singapore, and first ChildAid at Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Center, Malaysia will be in May 31 to June 2, 2013. Both are planning to invite Japanese young talents.

In Japan, many children are taking art lessons after school such as music and dance, but there are a few chances for them to be recognized. In addition, underprivileged children like those who live at child nursing homes do not have many chances to experience artistic activities. They tend to be bad at expressing themselves and at communicating with the others. In other words, there is a risk that the socially and economically disadvantaged circumstance would produce children's lack of self-esteem, stability and achievement.

We, NPO Little Creators, believe that it could be helpful for children to nurture their talents and to live in their tough reality if they become brave enough to express themselves, meet and communicate with many people and experience new challenges.

In ChildAid Asia 2013, children from Singapore as well as Malaysia are planning to participate. The concert will also bring you the hope, joy and strength. In the long term, we would like to extend an invitation to other Asian countries to join us on our cause.
We shall appreciate your understanding and support to this concert.