- Give children the hope and energy to their future -
Charity Concert for Children in Asia


  • To give children the opportunity of international cultural exchange through arts
  • To provide children, including underprivileged children, with opportunities to participate in artistic activities and to let them find their artistic potentialities and dreams

※Proceeds from the concert will be used to hold creative activity workshops for underprivileged children and to implement Asian cultural exchange for them.

ChildAid Asia is a charity concert by children for children. Tying up with Singaporean ChildAid started in 2005, NPO Little Creators planed the event in order to provide talented young children with the platform to showcase their talents and creativity and to provide socially and economically disadvantaged children who have less chance to get involved in creative activities with opportunities to participate in the art presentation. On January 8, 2011, it was finally realized in Tokyo, and on January 7, 2013, we presented the 2nd concert.

Besides the concert in 2013, children had more time to get to know one another's countries and cultures, which brought tremendous effects on the concert. The Japanese performers were 5 groups of Japanese auditioned young talents, children from Shakujii Gakuen (a childcare institution / orphanage), a dance troop Hama Dan Kids JV, and child-dancers from Fukushima who still suffers from Great East Japan Earthquake. Children from Misono Kodomo-no-Ie (a childcare institution / orphanage) and children from Tokyo and Fukushima also participated in ChildAid Asia by providing their visual art works. In addition, 30 children from Singapore and a singer-song-writer took part in. All of them obtained the opportunity to showcase their talents, to meet and get to know the others from different backgrounds, and to share the stage with them.

From May 31 to June 2, 2013, ChildAid Asia was held at KL, Malaysia for the first time. Yuji Suzuki and Hidetoshi Nakajima who appeared in the 1st ChildAid Asia in Tokyo were invited to perform and collaborated with their new Malaysian friends. Asami Wada who also performed at the 1st ChildAid Asia is invited to study English, take special violin lessons and participate in an orchestra in Singapore this summer. Projects to treasure young talents all over Asia through ChildAids.

In Japan, many children take art lessons after school such as music and dance, but there are a few chances for them to be recognized. They need a place to showcase their talent. On the contrary, underprivileged children like those who live at child care institutions do not have many chances to experience artistic activities. They tend to be bad at expressing themselves and at communicating with the others. In other words, there is a risk that the socially and economically disadvantaged circumstance would produce children's lack of self-esteem, stability and achievement. We believe that it could be helpful for children to nurture their talents and to live in their tough reality if they become brave enough to express themselves, meet and communicate with many people and experience new challenges.

ChildAid Asia 2014 will be held at Suntory Hall, one of the 5 best classic halls in Asia. It will be realized by the kind support from Cerebos Pacific Limited. This 3rd concert is organized as a joint concert between Singapore and Japan, and also inviting young talents from Malaysia and Indonesia. The concert will be high quality and also be an excellent opportunity for children to collaborate. In the long term, we would like to extend an invitation to other Asian countries to join us on our cause.

We shall appreciate your understanding and support to ChildAid Asia 2014.