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ChildAid Asia 2013 - Report

In 2012, because of the Great East Japan Earthquake, we had to give up to organize a concert; however, after a year, on January 7, 2013 the 2nd ChildAid Asia was held at Ginza Blossom, Tokyo, together with Singaporean and Malaysian young talents.

■Discovery of Young Talents
Because the date of the concert is the first day of class for some schools, it was not easy to get many children for its audition. However, we ended up having variety of musicians from an electronic organ performer to Shamisen (Japanese traditional guitar) performers.

■Children from child care institutions and workshops
After several music workshops by Little Creators, children from Shakujii Gakuen joined the finale on stage and sang the theme song "Bridge across the Sea" together with all other performers. In addition, children from Misono Kodomo-no-Ie provided their visual art works to the music drama. These works were created in a workshop Little Creators held, and it was decided that the workshops would be monthly coming years. Synergy between the concert and our daily activities started to appear.

In addition to 30 children from Singapore, a Malaysian musician was invited this time. Together with Japanese children, all enjoyed two get-togethers. They introduced their countries, played some games together, and at Shakujii Gakuen, they learnt how to make Japanese traditional kites. ChildAid Asia is not just a concert but also a place of cultural exchange. 
Moreover, children from Fukushima who are still not able to play outdoor because of their parents' concern towards the radiation rate showed their energy of life to other children and audience, which was a sign of Fukushima revival and hope.
At last, we had a Japanese-Singaporean MC. The concert is getting more international.

■Asami Wada
After performed at ChildAid Asia 2011, Asami (14) was invited Singapore's ChildAid, where her talent was recognized. During the concert, Iskandar Ismil, the father of ChildAid and most famous music men in Singapore announced the invitation of Asami going to Singapore for summer 2013 (funded by IYAE). Asami is studying English, taking special violin lessons by a professor of National University of Singapore, and participate in Orchestra of Music Makers. As a member of OMM, she will perform at Esplanade for OMM's 5th anniversary. 
Also during the golden week (May 2013) she performed at Singapore Festival held in Shichigahama International Village as a little ambassador recommended by Embassy of the Republic of Singapore.

A kindhearted person who enjoyed ChildAid Asia 2013 made a donation to us for Shakujii Gakuen children to see a musical on August 7.
For the rehearsals, get-togethers and concerts, volunteers from Aberdeen Asset Management PLC and Bunkyo Gakuin University together with individual volunteers and ex-ChildAid Asia performers support children to perform and us to run the concert.  
At last but obviously not at least, Cerebos Pacific Limited (Suntory Group) promised kindly to provide the venue, Suntory Hall, for our next ChildAid Asia. ChildAid Asia 2014 will be held at Suntory Hall on January 11, 2014 (sat).