◆-from Japan-

□Ryuhi Arai


Ryuhi Arai, 12, began playing the piano at age 8. In 2012, he won the third prize at the 1st Steinway Competition in Japan. Ryuhi collaborated with Pung Rae Yue, a pianist from Singapore, and performed his signature Mozart piece at the ChildAid Singapore 2013 concert. This marks the second collaboration for Ryuhi and Rae.

□Rino Kanai


Rino Kanai, 9, is an accomplished singer and songwriter. Rino won the Gold medal at the Kawai Singing Contest 2013. Most of the songs she has written are inspired by her life.

□Asuto Kitamura


Asuto Kitamura, 17, learnt to play the piano at age 5. His signature performing pieces are music composed by Chopin. Asuto was awarded the Gold prize at the 9th International Chopin Piano Competition in Asia.

□Miyuu Suzuki


Miyuu Suzuki, 14, has been playing the electone since he was 7 years old. Miyuu was awarded the Gold prize at the Junior Electone Festival in Shizuoka Area. She enjoys playing classical music and hopes to learn how to lead an orchestra one day.

□Rei Nakajima


Rei Nakajima, 16, is trained in piano. At age 10, she was introduced to the Shakuhachi and has since been learning how to play the Shakuhachi under Seizan Ishigaki II. In May 2013, she was invited to perform at a Germany-Japan Youth Exchange concert. Rei hopes to create music that combines both traditional Japanese instruments and Western instruments.

□Kanon Honda


Kanon Honda, 11, started playing the ocarina at age 3 and the flute at age 5. She has performed in several overseas concerts and won many awards including one at the Japan - Hong Kong International Music Competition, Junior Flute. Kanon believes that music brings people from different countries and cultures together.

□Momoko Yamaguchi


Momoko Yamaguchi, 14, is a talented singer and a fan of Japanese children songs. She won the Gold prize for the Children's category and Bronze prize for the Adult category at the Japan Doyo Singing Competition

□Ensemble Art Aim


Ryuichi and Michiko Horikoshi established the award-winning Ensemble Art Aim in 2003, with the vision to inspire children through music. Besides teaching music techniques, the Ensemble Art Aim also strives to instill values such as compassion and humility in children.

□Children from Tokyo Metropolitan Shakujii Gakuen

Over 30,000 children in Japan live in orphanages due to child neglect, domestic violence and poverty. There are about 130 children, who are under 18 years old, residing at the Shakujii Gakuen. NPO Little Creators has been organizing sponsored art workshops at Shakuji Gakuen since 2008. Today, the children will perform to a song titled 'Bridge Across the Sea' as the finale item. This song is an original composition written for the children from Tokyo Metropolitan Shakuji Gakuen.

□Suzukake Junior Choir


Suzukake Children Chorus was established in 1968 with the motto: "Sing Happily!". The children, aged 1 to 18 years old, have been singing for the Fujisawa community. Suzukake Children Chorus was the recipient of the Flower and Lion Children Chorus Award and the Japan Children Song Award.

□Yuji Suzuki


Yuji Suzuki, 17, learnt how to play the Tsugaru-Shamisen, under the guidance of Mr Katsunobu Sawada, at age 6. He has won many prizes including one at the Tsugaru-Shamisen National Contest. He has performed at ChildAid Asia 2011 and was invited to perform at the inaugural ChildAid Asia KL in 2013.

□Asami Wada


Asami Wada, 15, picked up the violin at age 2 and has won numerous awards including one at the prestigious Osaka International Music Competition. Asami has also performed in many concerts such as Tateshina Music Festival, ChildAid Asia and ChildAid Singapore.

◆-from Singapore-

□Ananya Ravishankar Diddapur


Ananya, 13, was the top student in the Trinity Guildhall Vocal Grade 4 Examinations and Carnatic (Classical Indian) Grade 1 to 3 Vocal Examinations. She has been singing and performing since she was 7 years old and is an active performer of the Singapore Lyric Opera. Ananya won First Prize at the American Protégé International Vocal Competition 2013 junior category and was invited to perform at the Carnegie Hall in New York.

□Aoden Teo Masa Toshi

Aoden Teo.jpg

Aoden Teo, 11, has been playing the cello since he was three and a half years old. He received the HSBC Youth Excellence Award for Music Excellence in 2013 and won First Prize at the American Protégé International Piano and Strings Competition 2012. As the First Prize winner, Aoden played a solo rendition at the prestigious Carnegie Hall, New York City. He studies music in Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, School of Young Talents on the Gifted Young Cellists course.

□Corey Koh

Corey Koh1.jpg

Corey Koh, 11, an accomplished classical singer has performed and attained awards at several international musical events such as the 2013 Young Prague International Festival of Young Choirs and Orchestras. In addition to singing, Corey also proved himself to be an all-rounder, achieving awards in writing competitions. As the winner of the American Protégé International Vocal Competition 2013, he was invited to perform at the Carnegie Hall, New York in December 2013.

□Ong Yi Ting

Ong Yi Ting1.jpg

Ong Yi Ting, 10, began playing the piccolo at age 6 and the flute at age 7. She won the First Prize award at The 11th International Russian Rotary Children Music Competition 2013 held in Russia. A seasoned-performer, Yi Ting performed as a soloist with the Moscow Virtuosi State Chamber Orchestra under the baton of Mr Vladimir Spivakov at the Moscow Meets Friends 2013 Festival. She has also performed for many charity events such as the President Star Charity 2012 and ChildAid Singapore.

□Pung Rae Yue

Pung Rae Yue1.jpg

Pung Rae Yue, 10, has performed and won several prestigious international music awards including the First Prize award at The 21st International Fryderyk Chopin Piano Competition 2013 (age 10 and below) held in Poland and a highly commended award by the North London Piano School. She was the youngest performer at The 4th Singapore Performers' Festival 2012 and has also performed at many prestigious music venues such as the Queen Elizabeth Hall in London and the Carnegie Hall in New York.

□Animato Quad

Animato Quad1.jpg

Animato Quad is made up of four talented musicians - Marc Neo, 15, Shawn Loh, 16, Luke Wong, 16 and Jonathan Tan, 17. The group formed a piano ensemble in 2012, playing an "eight hands" piece by Albert Lavignac at the ChildAid Singapore audition. Marc and Jonathan attended master classes at the prestigious Adam Gyorgy Castle Academy 2013 in Hungary. Both Shawn and Luke received Platinum awards at The 4th Singapore Performers' Festival 2012 and The Harmony Hour Performers' Festival 2013 respectively.

□CHIJ (Kellock) School Choir

CHIJ Kellock.jpg

The CHIJ (Kellock) school choir is 80-members strong. The choir clinched the Gold Award at the prestigious Singapore Youth Festival Central Judging 2012. The choir has performed at the ChildAid Singapore 2009 concert and also at the Magic Music Day in Hong Kong Disneyland. The choir was also invited to be part of a joint concert with the Singapore Lyric Opera Children's Choir and the Opera Chorus at the annual Singing For All concert in 2013. This is the second time the choir is participating in ChildAid Asia Tokyo.

□CHIJ(Katong)Primary School Dance

More than 70 pupils form the CHIJ (Katong) Primary Dance Club. Trained in Modern Dance, these dancers have been awarded Gold with Honours at the 2008, 2010 and 2012 Singapore Youth Festival Central Judging of Dance. They have also been awarded the Artistic Merit Award in the annual nationwide competition, Danceworks, for three consecutive years. The dancers have also been invited to perform at prestigious events such as the Singapore Youth Festival 45th Anniversary, and the Ministry of Education's National Day Observance Ceremony.  

◆-from Malaysia-

□Goh Wen Chih


Goh Wen Chih, 13, has been playing the cello since he was 6 years old. He won the First Prize award at The 1st EUROASIA Youth Music Festival 2013 (age 11 to 17) and plays for the Malaysian Philharmonic Youth Orchestra. Wen Chih is also a recipient of the Permata Seni Muzik Programme, a scholarship programme funded by the government to train young talented musicians. He has performed in many national events including a special private performance for the Royal Family of Negeri Sembilan.

◆-from Indonesia-

□Julio Josua Letik

Julio Letic.jpg

Julio Josua Letik, 14, plays the Sasando - a harp-like traditional Indonesian music instrument. He has been learning how to play the Sasando since 2011 and is mentored by the founder of electronic-Sasando, Mr Habel Edon. Julio has performed for several events in his home city, Kupang, Indonesia. He was part of the Gifted and Talented Children music project and the Indonesian President's theme song music production. Julio also won the Gold Medal at the Bali International Choir Festival 2013.

◆master of ceremonies

□Junka Arai

Junka, 12, enjoys singing and dancing. She has been taking Performing Arts classes since she was 6 years old. Junka has appeared in musicals and plays and does English voiceovers for TV programmes and commercials. She loves Micheal Jackson and wants to be a world-renowned entertainer in the future.


Katsuki , 14, has taken part in ChildAid Asia since 2011. This time, he is not only a member of the chorus but has taken up the challenge to be one of the emcees for the show. In 2011, Katsuki visited Singapore with NPO Little Creators as part of its international exchange program. The exchange has broadened his knowledge and understanding of the differences in lifestyle and culture between the two countries. While in Singapore, he also forged many lasting friendships with students from the CHI (Kellock) and The Little Arts Academy.

□Dineaish Rajendra

Dineaish, 10, began his foundation dance training at The Little Arts Academy in 2013. A talented beneficiary of The Business Times Budding Artists Fund, he was picked to join a special dance class taught by South-East Asia Professional Latin-American dance champions. After a mere six months of training, Dineaish has performed at many significant events including the 2013 HSBC Corporate Social Responsibility Night and The Dream Ball - a fundraising event for two children's charities. He is also competing at The Singapore Open Dance Championship 2013.