from Japan

Saho Akiyama (Piano, 17)

Saho started to sing and play the piano at the age of 4, and to compose at 7. Believing that music can let people share their feelings beyond borders and religions, she wants to collaborate with musicians from the world and bring the brighter future to the world.

Mayu Azuma (Vocal, 11)

Mayu started singing and dancing when 6 years old, and has appeared on stages and in TV as solo and chorus member. She looks forward to the moments to sing Japanese and foreign songs and to interact with international artists believing music go beyond borders.

Maasa Uchida (Electone, 13)

Maasa started to go to Yamaha Music School since 2 years old, to learn the piano at the age of 3 and the electone at 11. She loves composing music, and desires to create Disney songs in the future. She hopes that audience enjoy the performances as a result of international music collaborations.

Risa Oikawa (Shamisen, 16)

At the grade 1 of secondary school, Risa joined the Japanese music club and started Shamisen. The club won the award at the 9th Tokyo Contemporary Japanese Music Competition. She is looking forward to expanding her view by collaborating with different genre of music.

Nanako Otsuka (Piano, 16)

Nanako started the violin when she was 3 and the piano when 7. Music send the message which cannot be delivered only by words, and fulfill the people's hearts, so that she would like to share all kinds of music from the world and the feelings which would come out of the music with music lovers.

Yuka Kato (Piano, 12)

While living in Hong Kong, Yuka started the classical ballet and the piano at the age of 4. Her favorite composer is Stravinsky. She is very much excited to create music together with new friends who she meets at this concert.

Aika Kondo (Piano, 17)

Aika began to play the piano when she was 3 and since then she has won 1 prizes in many international competitions. She also has experiences to collaborate with other artists at some concerts. Now she is in the 1st grade of the high school belong to the Tokyo Music University.

Hiroki Yamaguchi (Shamisen, 16)

At the grade 1 of secondary school, Hiroki joined the Japanese music club and started Shamisen. The club won the award at the 9th Tokyo Contemporary Japanese Music Competition. His aim at this concert is to make it touchy and successful together with all other participants.

Select Group of Dancers from Theater Joy's "the Adventurers" 2014

Chiaki Aikawa(18) Kyoka Tanaka(14) Naoki Inukai(14) Miki Aoyama(13) Anju Iwasaki(13) Takumi Matsuda(12) Minami Kishi(11) Saaya Seo(10)

Children from Shakujii Gakuen

Over 30,000 children in Japan live in child nursing homes due to child neglect, domestic violence and poverty. There are about 130 children, who are under 18 years old, residing at the Shakujii Gakuen. NPO Little Creators has been organizing sponsored art workshops at Shakujii Gakuen since 2008.

from Singapore

Guru Simmer (MC, 19)

Since Guru was introduced to the acting field when he was in the secondary school, he has been influenced by Beyonce and Ellen DeGeneres, and aims at being a good entertainer as well as host. His strongest support is his family, and he will go any extent to make them smile.

Lois Mallare (Vocal, 15)

When she was 11, Lois sang in front of public for the first time. She has been influenced by Robbie Williams, and wants to be a singer in the future. Now singing allows her express herself and made her happy. She performed at ChildAid Asia@ KL in 2014.

Yu Neng Primary School Contemporary Dance (Dance, 10-11years old)

14 members are from the school's Chinese and Malay dance clubs. They received the awards at the prestigious Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation 2014, and also they were invited to perform at the National Day Observance Ceremony. They come from different ethnic and family backgrounds, but all love dancing.

from Malaysia

Imann Alymann (Vocal, 17)

Imann started to sing when he was 8, and since then, he has been singing as a member of many chorus groups. He has travelled to Australia, Europe, and Singapore with the KL Children's Choir. Last year he made his stage debut singing the role of Koko in "MIKADO".

from Indonesia

Clarissa Tamara (Electric Violin, 15)

Clarissa took the violin at a very young age, and released the first CD album "8" when she was 8 and won 2 awards in the AMI Awards. Nest year she released the second CD album "9 Gifts of Christmas." In 2013, she has set a New World Record for World's Fastest Violinist, and performed at ChildAid Asia@ KL in 2014.

from The Philippines

Janine Baduria (Vocal, 16)

Janine grew up in the family with a grandfather who loves songs from different genres and a mother who has sung at churches and hotels. Being able to sing and bring smiles to listeners is a gift from the God for her. She hopes that one day she will have her own concert and her own CD.