from Japan

Shuto Chiba  (taiko (Japanese drum), 16)

Shuto started playing the drum when he was six years old as a member of the Kitabukuro Kodomo-gumi. At nine years old, he began his training at the Oedo Sukeroku Taiko School. He hopes to collaborate with artists from different music genres and countries.

Chiba Wakashio Boys and Girls Chorus   (chorus)

Chiba Wakashio Boys and Girls Chorus was established in 1986 to help young children develop their musicality. Each year, 45 children and youths participate in the summer training camp and perform musicals.

Rena Ishihara  (flute, 18)

Rena started playing the flute at eight years old. Since then, she has won many distinguished awards at several music competitions, including the first prize for the junior section at the 19th Biwako International Flute Competition. She looks forward to meeting with the other international artists.

Shuei Ito  (clarinet, 12)

Shuei learnt to play the clarinet at age nine. Since then, he has won the second prize of the elementary pupils section at the Ewha Kyunghyang Shinmun Music Competition (Korea) and the gold medal Junior A section at the Young Clarinetist Competition. His favorite musician is Carl Maria von Weber.

Yuka Kato  (piano, 13)

Yuka learnt to play the piano when she was four years old. She is a fan of Stravinsky. Yuka looks forward to performing with the other musicians at ChildAid Asia 2016.

Azusa Mori   (koto (13-stringed Japanese zither), 17才)

Azusa started learning to play the koto when she was in elementary school. Since 2012, she has been training under Kazue Sawai and learning both classical and contemporary koto music.

Higashi Chofu Junior High School Shamisen Club members and Graduates  (shamisen ensemble)

Formed 14 years ago, the club members have been performing at school events and concerts for the community and nursing homes for the elder. The performers of ChildAid Asia are enthusiastically practicing to give their best performance for the audience.

Kiho Shinomiya  (piano, 13)

Kiho started playing the piano at age three and has won many competitions. She also won the Piano King No.1 Runoff in the TV programme, Kan Jenney Sorting in 2015. She looks forward to performing at the ChildAid Asia 2016.

Emiko Suzuki  (vocal, 16)

Emiko started singing when she was five years old as a member of the Sugimoto Family, her own family band. She hopes to have a great time at the concert and to interact with musicians of her age at ChildAid Asia 2016.

Ririko Takagi  (violin, 18)

Ririko learnt to play the violin at age three, and was awarded the grant by Yamaha Music Foundation in 2010. She won the first prize for the Tokyo junior high school section at the 65th Student Music Concourse of Japan and many other competitions.

Asuka Yoda  (marimba, 10)

Asuka started to study marimba under Hitoshi Miyazaki when she was eight years old. She has lived in Singapore and Vietnam, and hopes to perform with other Asian artists in around the region. She enjoys putting a smile on the audience with her performance.

Mayu Azuma  (vocal, 12)

Mayu has been singing, as a soloist and chorus performer, and dancing since she was six years old. She looks forward to singing both Japanese and English songs, and interacting with the other international performers at ChildAid Asia Tokyo 2016.

Children from Shakuji Gakuen chorus

Over 30,000 children in Japan live in orphanages due to child neglect, domestic violence and poverty. There are about 130 children, who are under 18 years old, residing at the Shakujii Gakuen. NPO Little Creators has been organising art workshops and providing opportunities for the children to appreciate the arts 2008.


from Singapore

Kevin Loh  (guitar, 17)

Kevin was talent-scouted by the Yehudi Menuhin School and awarded a grant by the Rolling Stones to study the classical guitar the prestigious music school at the age of 12. Besides actively performing in Europe and Asia, he is also passionate about community work and has participated in many charity concerts. In 2011 at his debut solo concert, he raised $180,000 for funds to support needy children.

Sylvia Tan  (guzheng, 10)

Sylvia is a member of the Yu Neng Primary School Chinese Orchestra. She learnt the guzheng at age seven. She also plays a second instrument, the pipa. As a guzheng and a pipa performer, she has been participating in many concerts in Singapore.

CHIJ (Kellock) Choir  (chorus)

40 children out of the 80-strong-choir from CHIJ (Kellock) will be participating in ChildAid Asia 2016. Under the baton of Mr Emmanuel Qiu, the choir displays their camaraderie, confidence, creativity and resilience, as well as choral excellence. CHIJ (Kellock) has taken part in all the past ChildAid Asia concerts. Members:

Lubin Chee  (cello, 18)

Lubin started to play the cello when he was seven years old, and took up the music elective programme since secondary school. He has participated in the Singapore Youth Festival Competitions winning gold with honors. Currently he is under the tutelage of Singapore's "First Lady of the Cello", Ms. Herminia Ilano. He hopes to spread the love and joy of music to an audience.

The Muhd Sisters  (emcees, 13)

Syahirah and Insyirah are twins pursuing theatre training at 10 Square (Singapore) ? an arts training school. Both sisters are also beneficiaries of The Business Times Budding Artists Fund. Syahirah hopes to be a successful entertainer, and Insyirah is happy to help others using her talent. Members: Putri Nursyahirah Bte Muhd (13), Putri Nurinsyirah Bte Muhd (13)

from Malaysia

The Alymann Brothers  (chorus)

The Alymann Brothers, members of the Young Choral Academy's youth chamber choir, made their debut performance at the ChildAid Asia KL in 2015. All three have been actively performing in Asia and Europe.
Members: Ariff Azlan Alymann (18), Imann Azlan Alymann (16), Nazrin Azlan Alymann (14)

from Indonesia

Clarissa Tamara  (violin, 16)

In 2008, eight-year-old Clarissa released her first album and won two Indonesia's Music Awards. In the same year, she also released her second album 9 Gifts of Christmas. She has performed in more than 100 events, live shows and TV.

from The Philippines

Giedie Lacoro  (vocal, 14)

Giedie's talents are in dance, theatre, visual arts and music. In March 2015, she appeared on the TV programme Voice Kids and received overwhelming support from the audience and the judges. Her popularity soared when her video was uploaded online and she soon became one of Philippines' upcoming singers.

from Thailand

Kant Kosoltrakul  (piano, 18)

Kant began his classical piano training at age five. He received a scholarship from President Vladimir Putin and graduated from the Svetlanov Music and Art School with an Outstanding Achievement in Music award. He earned the title of "One of the Top 15 Most Outstanding Music Students" in Russia. He is presently studying at the Music Scholar at University of Southern California.