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Charity Concert for Children in Asia


Listening to the voices of children who have participated in the past ChildAid Asia concerts, NPO Little Creators came up with this new art camp project.

The Friendship Concert - ChildAid Asia Incubation Programme is the arts camp, in which Japanese and South East Asian children from various backgrounds get together interact one another through music, dance and visual arts and collaborate aiming concerts.

The Asian wide network among children through NPO Little Creators' activities gets bigger and bigger, but now with the Friendship Concert, we would like to foster their friendship more. The selected participants with the Friendship Concert will again get together and perform at ChildAid Asia 2018.

The other element of the Friendship Concert is to provide children from child nursing homes (orphanages) with opportunities to enjoy arts and to be involved in international exchange programmes. In addition to collaboration of singing and dancing, they will be in charge of taking care of international participants and introducing their countries on stage.