Friendship Concert - Project Plan

  1. Providing music and dance workshops for children from Shakujii Gakuen (a child nursing home) for them to be on stage with children from different backgrounds.
  2. Providing a chance to children from Shakujii Gakuen to be "buddies" of international participants. They will support and take care of foreign children during the art camp and the concert from January 8 to 12.
  3. Providing visual art workshops to children from Misono Kodomo-no-Ie (a child nursing home) for them to exchange the visual art letters with children from Singapore, and actually to meet the pen pals during the concert.
  4. Preparing, creating and organizing the concert programmes and concert itself together with Japanese and International children.
  5. Providing opportunities for selected Japanese participants to perform in Singapore and/or Malaysia in 2015.
  6. Providing opportunities for selected participants to perform at ChildAid Asia 2016.