from Japan

Yume Akezuma (piano 12)

Yume started playing the piano at age four and has received many awards such as the Nannerl Award at Japan Mozart Concours. Aiming at becoming a pianist who can bring smile to audience, she is actively taking lessons; for example, the open lessons for youth education by Tokyo University of the Arts. She looks forward to get to know Asian people with different background and languages through music.

Hayato Jitsuyama (vocal 9)

Hayato got interested in and started taking lessons of singing once he was selected to sing a solo part at school recital at age seven. He has awarded in many concours such as the Silver Award at Kawai Singing Concours. He participates in ChildAid Asia looking forward to exchange with oversea participants through music.

Saki Shinomiya (piano 18)

Saki started to learn the piano at age three and has awarded in many concours such as the Gold Award of Japan J.S.Bach Music Concours. Together with Kiho, her sister who appeared ChildAid Asia in 2016, she won a prize at the four-hand performance section of PTNA Piano Competition. She hopes to collaborate with oversea performers and other instrumentalists at ChildAid Asia.

Chihiro Sugawara (piano 11)

Chihiro grew up at Shanghai, China. She started playing the piano at age three, and received the Espoir Award of E2 section at the 17th OSAKA International Music Competition, the First Prize of pupils and junior high students section at Junior Classical Music Competition in Japan and others. She looks forward to making music with Asian youth.

Kanon Nishimura (tuba 17)

Kanon started playing the tuba when she enrolled the junior high school's Brass band. In going to high school, she joined the Sendai Junior Orchestra and started the Viola. At school, she belongs to the koto (Japanese guzheng) club. She loves arts especially music so that she has participated in the activities to deliver arts to children in the U.S. She hopes to meet new music and new friends at ChildAid Asia.

Kazutomo Harada (cello 15)

Kazutomo started to learn the cello at age six and is studying at the junior high school of Toho College of Music. He has regularly been performing at nursery schools and elderly nursing homes, and is aiming at becoming a cellist and conductor. He looks forward to musical exchange on the big stage with oversea performers at ChildAid Asia.

Hitomi Fujita (vocal 14)

Hitomi started taking lessons of folk songs at age five. She likes to sing to her own piano and to accompany classmates at school. Appreciating the opportunity to sing at the Suntory Hall, she look forward to meet many performers. She is a National Folk Song Competition gold medalist. She performed at ChildAid Asia@KL in 2017 and performs at Muiscal Anny right now.

Yuha Hoshino (piano 12)

Yuha started to learn the piano at age four, and has received the encouragement prize at Chopin Concours in Asia and the 3rd prize at OSAKA International Music Competition. Yuha, however, love to play football as much as the piano. He wants to collaborate with new friends at ChildAid Asia.

Myua Horiuchi (flute 8)

Myua started playing the piano at age three. As soon as she started taking lessons of flute at age seven, she won the 1st prize and the Jury's Special Award at the 5th Aoi Music Concours. She also received the highest award and the Kobe City Mayor's Award at the 23rd KOBE International Music Concours. She is eagerly waiting for time with new friends and collaboration with oversea performers at ChildAid Asia.

Juri Yamamoto (piano 15)

While spending days of five to ten years old in Guangdong, Juri went to British school. She kept practicing the piano that she started at age four during this time period and is dreaming to be a pianist. She studies at Takasaki Municipal High School of Takasaki City University of Economics. She hopes the exciting encounter and appealing performance at ChildAid Asia.

Chiba Wakashio Boys and Girls Chorus (chorus)

Chiba Wakashio Boys and Girls Chorus was established in 1986, and is consist of 35 boys and girls. They practice regularly at public facilities in Chiba City. Every August, they organize concerts for two days, in which they showcase musical numbers and favorite songs, and filled house.

from Singapore

Kalaivani D/O Regupathy  (emcee 16)

Kalaivani started to sing at age eight and loved singing Babi songs. When she was nine, she sang for the first time in front of an audience. Since then, she has been keen to study music. With the help of The Business Budding Artists Fund, she is accepted into 10 Square Youth and learn music and vocal now.

Isaiah Hui (piano 14)

Isaiah began his musical journey at age three and has won many awards. At American Protégé International Piano and Strings Competition 2015, he was invited to perform in Carnegie Hall as a winner. He also has been selected to represent Singapore in many concerts including Yamaha Asia Pacific Junior Original Concert. In 2011, he started to compose his own music pieces such as "Joy of Music" and "The Way".

CHIJ Kellock String Ensemble (string ensemble)

Double quartet members represent CHIJ Kellock Primary School at this year's ChildAid Asia. Their string ensemble has grown over the past 10 years from an ensemble made up of violinists to its present day set-up of violin, viola, cello and double bass sections. In 2016, the ensemble was once again awarded the Certificate of Distinction at the prestigious biennial Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation.

Yu Neng Primary School -The Rolling Tones- (chorus)

The Rolling Tones from Yu Neng Primary School believe that they can impart their joy of creating music to break down barriers and bring joy to others through their voices. The young and passionate choristers have performed at different platforms such as Lunch Concerts at Alexandra Hospital and the Celebration of 50 years of Bi-lateral relationship between Switzerland and Singapore.

from Malaysia

Koh May Bel & May Jane (guzheng 17)

The twin sisters, May Bel and May Jane, cerebrate their birthday today. They are very close sisters yet become competitors when they play the guzheng. May Bel participated the semi-final and May Jane the final of Xing Guang Chinese Music Solo Competition in 2016. May Bel won the gold award and May Jane the silver at Nanfeng International Music Competition in 2017.

from Indonesia

Vivian Angelina Tjo (vocal 13)

Vivian started singing at age seven. She has been recognized and won in many singing competitions. She is also preforming with her vocal group in TV shows and events including ChildAid Asia@Jakarta. In 2017, she has released her first gospel album.

Akbar Buana Saputra (kendang 13)

Akbar showed his interest in kendang as a child and asked his mother to get one for him. He played it every night with his singer sister and sometimes accompanied her performing on stage. He learned the technique by looking at pro-kendang players' performance, and one day, he was asked to accompany a pro-singer. He won the 1st prize at Pantura Indonesia in April 2017.

from The Philippines

Chung Yumi (vocal 11)

Yumi is a Filipina living in Hong Kong, who is active as a multi-lingual actress, singer and model all over Asia. Despite her young outstanding carriers, she is just an ordinal eleven years old in her daily life. Her humble character also leads her to participate in numerous charity activities such as ChildAid Asia Incubation Programme ~ Friendship Concert 2017.

Mishael Riomano (violin 18)

Mishael started playing the piano as a toddler and the violin at age five. Although he had a solo piano concert at the University of the Philippines in 2011, later he shifted from piano to violin after realizing that the violin suited his personality more. In 2016, he won the grand prize of the National Music Competition for Young Artists in the Philippines, Junior Strings as the first Mindanao violinist.


Mayu Azuma (vocal)

Mayu started to learn singing and dancing at the age six, and already appeared in a musical a year after. Belonging to NHK Tokyo Children Chorus from seven to eleven years old, she appeared in many programs on TV and radio as well as in operas and concerts. She was also invited to ChildAid Asia@KL. Hoping to pass folk songs to the future generation and believing in the power of songs, Mayu is dreaming to be a bridge of the peace through songs.

Asuka Yoda (marimba)

Kanon Honda (piccolo)