Interaction, Experience and the Future
- Let our children dream about the future and encourage them to overcome challenges together with friends -

ChildAid International is the expanded version of ChildAid Asia that Little Creators has organized 5 times between 2011 and 2018. In the Olympic Year, 2020, we are planning to invite children from 5 continents. Each performer will showcase their talents and bring you a joyful moment with music from all genres. Also by sharing a stage, they will learn that they are not alone and that each one of them is very important. This experience will build a bridge across the sea for their future.

Aims of ChildAid International

  • Providing the platform where children from the world interact each other using music and performance as tools
  • Supporting young talents and providing them with a stage to showcase
  • Providing a chance for children from every background to seek for his/her talent and dreams

Projects of ChildAid International

  1. Music workshops for children in foster homes
    The children will practice the theme song "Bridge across the Sea" and other music pieces as well as being MCs.

  2. Audition [January 25, 2020]
    This audition is for Japanese children under 18. Those who live overseas, please contact a producer in each country. You are also welcome to inquire to contact@littlecreators.jp

  3. Visual art workshops for children in foster homes
    The children will create many visual art pieces and display them at the foyer as well as in the program booklet.

  4. ChildAid International 2020 [May 5, 2020]
    Children from 5 continents will perform together using music as a communication tool.