Yui Itagaki (19) Vocal

Yui started to take a singing lesson in the 3rd grade of high school when she saw a musical as a school excursion. In 2019, she participated in the 38th Junior Classical Music Competition in Japan and the 9th AMA Competition of Piano, Singing and Orchestral Music, at which she won the bronze medal.

Kensei Iwafune (10) Piano

Kensei started to take piano lessons seriously at age 6, and has been awarded at some competitions. He also studies string instruments and musical composition. He is interested in international exchange, and started to learn Germany, besides English, last year because he is in love with Beethoven.

Mana Kanno (12) flute

Mana has played the flute since 8 years old, and won many prizes; for example, the gold prize at the 20th Japan Junior Wind and Percussion Competition in 2018, the 2nd prize at the 2nd K Flute Competition, and prizes at the Japan Classical Music Competition from 2017 to 2019.

Hikaru Moriyama (15) oboe

Hikaru started to play the oboe in the 1st grade of junior high school joining the school's brass band. She has already won many prizes such as the 3rd prize at the Japan Classical Music Competition. Now she studies music at the Music High School attached to the Faculty of Music, Tokyo University of the Arts.

Mayu Nomura (11) vocal

Mayu is in the 6th grade of elementary school in Hokkaido. She has taken singing lessons since 5 years old, and won many awards such as silver medal of Kawai Singing Competition in Hokkaido and the 2nd prize at Nippon Junior Voice Competition.

An Sakimoto (13) violin

An started to take violin lessons at the age of 5. She won a prize at the 71st Student Music Concours of Japan and 1st prize at the 10th Cecilia International Music Competition. Since she received the 1st prize at Grand Prize International Music Competition this year, she will play solo at Carnegie Hall in November.

Yoshiaki Suzuki  (16) flute

Yoshiaki started the piano at the age 4 and the flute 12. He has received many awards as a flutist such as gold medals of the 15th and 16th Japan Orchestral Music Solo Competitions and a prize of the 29th Japan Classical Music Competition.

Little Musical chorus

Little Musical's motto is that children create a musical from scratch and perform it: they make a story, compose and choreograph by themselves. Through this experience, they recognize the others and learn that they have to feel, think and take actions.


Shariffah Rashidah Binte Syed Abdul Rahman Al-Yahya (13) emcee

Shariffah is a young talent with the Visual Arts Foundation Program at the Little Arts Academy (LAA). Several of her works have been featured at various exhibitions such as Citibank Calendar Launch 2019. She is also an excellent performer and won praise by LAA's 11th Anniversary Production.


Daniel Bryan Siew  (17) cello

Daniel is a multi-instrumentalist who plays the cello, piano and drums, and versatile in both classical and contemporary music genres. Currently, he is a music student in UCSI University, Malaysia, and a cellist in the university orchestra. He appeared in ChildAid Asia@KL 2018 and 2019.


Raina Gumay (11) Vocal

Raina has done commercial jingle and voice over since 5 years old. She has played as Sahara at Laskar Pelangi Musical in Mentari Show. She has also awarded at a story telling competition and a poem reading & writing competition. Appeared in ChildAid Asia@Jakarta 2020.

The Philippines


Alisa Kate Wichayachakorn  (8) Piano

Alisa started the piano at 4 years old and has been awarded at so many competitions such as Gold Prize at the 1st ICM Competition and Gold Award at Thailand Preliminary Round for SIPC Competition. She also plays the classical Thai instrument, Khim-Thai Hammered-Dulcimer.

South Korea

School of Voice a cappella

5 pupils in the 6th grade of Chadwick International School, Seoul, organize School of Voice to take part in this concert to be a help of less-fortunate children. 5 girls are very close friends and enjoy music even during the brake time at school. The lead vocal, Jian, has won the 1st prize of Karaoke at school.

Jian Ra (12), Hyojin Lee (11), Seoyul Kim (11), Yuna Hong (12), Yumin Choi (12)

Sli Ranka

Anagi Gunasekera (15) piano

Anagi developed a passion for music from a very young age inspired by her pianist family. She sings and plays the piano and violin, and she is also good at sports. Moreover, she has earned academic excellence awards at school. In the future she wants to study music and science at oversea college.


Michelle Lanz  (15) vocal

Michelle from Queretaro, Mexico, is in the 8th grade in the John F Kennedy International School. She started to take singing lessons since 7 years old and started to make videos of her singing for YouTube 2years ago together with her sister, Marsha. Now she is also taking piano lessons.

South Africa

Tsela Kagina Petro Molepo (9) Vocal

Phetogo is from Johannesburg, South Africa. He loves soccer, hockey and swimming as much as singing and dancing. He wants to become an astronaut in the future.