Wifi was set up at Misono Koromo-no-Ie with the donation received from "CAA2020 Virtual"

Donation that Little Creators received when we distributed the concert "ChildAid International 2020 - Virtual" from May 9 to June 6, 2020 was divided into 4 countries charitable organizations: The RICE (Singapore), NPO The Smiles (Malaysia), Yayasan Asa Sehati Indonesia and NPO Little Creators (Japan). On our end, we could set up IT environement at the foster home called Misono Koromo-no-Ie. We appreciate very much to those kindly support us in this occasion.

Since 2012, Little Creators conducts creative workshops every month at one of the foster homes, Misono Kodomo-no-Ie located in Kanagawa, Japan.

Misono Kodomo-no-Ie has 2 homes: Johannes and Clara (former Lucia) homes. As of August 2020, at Johannes 40 children live and at Clara 14 children (from 7 to 18 years old); however, there was only 1 PC that they can use. To improve this situation, Little Creators decided to ask for contribution at ChildAid International 2020 - Virtual. Since deterioration advances at the Clara home and there is a plan to renovate it with the support by a monastic order, Little Creators aimed to set up the Wi-Fi system at the Johannes home.

In September 2020, LAN cables were railed and access points were set; therefore, it is possible for children to be connected to the Internet anywhere in the Johannes home. The total building cost is 575,300JYN after tax and paid from the donation and fund we received. In October, they spend sometime to make a rules in using PCs as well as to install the software they need. In November, finally PCs and tablets are set in each room for children to share and use freely, and high school children are able to receive one each for their study.
This is just a little step we could accomplish this time; however, Little Creators will continuously make efforts to provide proper IT environment to less fortunate children in Asia.

Our next project is to present another fund-rising concert, "ChildAid Asia Christmas Edition SPIRIT OF GIVING", in order to promote digital inclusion for our children. We thank you for your kind support in advance.